A decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Secure - Instant - Simple - Anonymous

  • Low fees and fast transaction
  • Trade in blockchain - Data can't be altered
  • Borderless - Access from everywhere
  • Anonymous - No KYC, No Email
  • Custom pair - Over The Counter (OTC) Transaction

Deliondex Key Features


Altechain acts as a middleware to obfuscate the connection between UI and Backend. We are able to secure our wallets in a private server with no public IP address

Instant and Simple

You can make an unofficial pair between an asset against another asset but transactions occur safely or trustless and anonymous between users.

Fully Anonymous

Your browser is your wallet. No email, no KYC. Only you can access your account with your password and private key, not even us can access your account.



Proof of Stake (POS) and Masternode Coin. Currency that is used as payment currency in all Delion Project Ecosystem
Delion coin is used to pay listing fees, buy market maker account and voting for coin listing.
Delion Coin is also a source of passive income. With regular buyback from profits accross all Delion project ecosystem, DLN holders will not need to be afraid of lack of liquidity. There is always buyer for Delion Coin.

DLN Coin